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It was suggested that I contact Samar for help due to both the complexity and number of significant issues relating to incomplete, poor quality and defective work in the construction of my new house.
Over the following four years he helped me navigate through the NSW Fair Trading informal resolution process; the formal communications with the builders; the lengthy preparation of my story; the reports and meetings between experts; on through to the eventual presentation of my case at NCAT, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Sharon Healey, Criminal Law specialist Solicitor

Samar is the lawyer OTHER lawyers go to when they or their family are in trouble. He is easily the most respected criminal law lawyer on the Central Coast. The difference between other lawyers and Samar, is when he stands up, the judge listens. He is also a building law genius. He is one of the best and most respected advocates in Australia. I cannot speak highly enough as a lawyer myself, of his knowledge and skill.

Dr Catherine James PhD

His knowledge of the law is beyond exceptional. The man is a walking legal text book.

Retired Sergeant Mark M.

When I was in the Police Service, one of the things we would tell young police was:
"If you see Singh-Panwar on the brief, dot your I's and cross your T's.

Stephen Smith 2GO Radio

Samar Singh-Panwar is by far the best solicitor on the Central Coast, if not NSW. His ability to persuade the court is unparalleled. He is well known as a fair but vigilant lawyer within media circles.

Wendy M

After my son's criminal law barrister lost the case in the local court, we went and saw Samar Singh-Panwar. Samar appeared for us in the District Court appeal and won the case in less than an hour. If we had seen him in the first place we would have saved a lot of money and heartache. I can't recommend him highly enough.

I was recommended to Samar. I'm glad I was.
As soon as he got up to argue my case I could see the judge was suddenly paying attention. It seemed the judge was ignoring everyone else except him. I know I did the wrong thing, but Samar explained my side and everyone in that room was agreeing. Thankyou Panwar Legal for saving my career and my ability to travel over seas.

Samar is a brilliant solicitor who knows his stuff and has never let me down. His advice is not only professional but also reasonably priced. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Samar is awesome I had 3 charges dropped in a blink of an eye.. His presence in the courtroom is great. I felt comfortable right from the start of the hearing..

I would highly recommend Panwar legal to anyone who needed legal advice or representation. Samar's professionalism and thoroughness is unparalleled. Don't go to anyone else. Make your first stop Panwar Legal.

Excellent. Upmost professional legal representation by Samar.
Samar will research no-end to give you the best result that courts can hand to you. Samar's legal is expeditiously and diligently handled, he is very well at ease in a courtroom, handles himself well, makes feeling better for his clients.
Dresses well ,very much recommend Samar for any legal, courtroom matter. Samar is well priced and I feel you get more for your money
Recommend Samar. This is the lawyer you want fighting for you

Panwar legal is by far the best! Samar's experience is amazing at such a high professional standard even when I was the underdog he showed why he is the best and we won! Would never let anyone I know go anywhere else! 10/10 for everything and a good guy also.

Thank you to Samar for his extensive preparation and expertise; Got the best outcome possible.
I have no hesitation's in recommending Panwar Legal, and cannot thank them enough.
Samar's ability to put your case forward in the court room is no doubt nothing but the best and only solicitor i want on my side.

Second to none.
Using Panwar Legal for the second time and for a totally different reason.
Don't risk going anywhere else.

I was recommended by a friend to go to Panwar Legal for help and no regrets. Samar was lovely to talk to and made me feel comfortable. Anastasia was my lawyer and she is fantastic, she is with you every step of the way and never gives up on your case no matter the challenges. A genuine, kind, dedicated lawyer. I had the best outcome possible for my case.
Thank you.

A huge Thankyou and thumbs up to Samar for achieving yet another perfect result. You’ve helped us through some tough times over the years, and to close the final chapter of this long book, I will always be grateful.
A true professional.

Marion & Laurie Dougall

My husband and I had a matter before the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) because of an unlicensed builder and Samar Singh-Panwar was recommended to us. Our matter before the Tribunal wasn’t a large amount of money to what the Tribunal usually deals with but a significant amount to us.


My daughter was charged with a murder that she didn’t commit. She was looking at a possible life sentence. The other solicitors we saw just wanted her to plead guilty. Mr Singh-Panwar took the case on, and never gave in. After a year of heartache, the Jury was directed to acquit her. We were elated.
My family owe him everything. He is the best lawyer in the country as far as I am concerned. Caring and respected in every way. Absolute legend! Can’t recommend him highly enough.


Jeff Burch, Wink Developments

Samar Singh-Panwar is undoubtedly the only building law solicitor on the Central Coast who knows the law and how to get the best result. Samar knows the ins and outs of every area of contracts and insurance matters. We have used big Sydney building law before, only to be disappointed. Once we found Samar, we never looked back.

Johnathon Smith

I was never going to risk going to an average solicitor when it came to my son's serious drug matter. I went to the best, and paid for the best. You get what you pay for and Samar is worth every cent. He worked tirelessly for months to make sure of the best result. You can't put a price on your kid's welfare.

Sarah J

I was referred to Samar Singh-Panwar by many friends and colleagues. He took the whole stress away from an awful time in my life. He explained the whole process perfectly, and made me feel at ease. He argued my case with passion, and saved me from what I was certain would be a long prison term. I owe him my freedom.

Tony M. School Teacher

I will never drink drive again, but I am so grateful and appreciative that I had Samar Singh-Panwar on my side when I did. He got my licence back. Without it I couldn't have worked, paid my mortgage or seen my children on weekends.