Criminal Law and Traffic Matters

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When you, or someone close to you is facing police charges, and needs to go to court, it is imperative that you get the best representation as soon as possible. At Panwar Legal, we realise how stressful these matters can be to everyone involved.

When things go wrong, you need the best representation as soon as possible. It will make the world of difference to the outcome of your matter.
Our Principal Samar Singh-Panwar is the only solicitor on the Central Coast of NSW to have passed and completed the NSW Bar (Barrister Exams).

A Law Society Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, Samar Singh-Panwar is recognised as one of the very best criminal law court lawyers in NSW. He is highly respected by Magistrates, Judges and Prosecutors with success rate of greater than 90% in defended matters and Appeals. From the moment of arrest to the final court date, expect the best service from the best lawyer, and his team

Samar and the team will appear for you from the time you are taken to the police station, to each and every court date. If you need to Appeal to a higher court, we are the Appeal Lawyer experts.

Areas of Criminal Law

  • All Local, Distract and Supreme Court matters
  • Police interviews and advice after being arrested
  • Bail Applications
  • Drink Driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • All Traffic Matters
  • Negligent, dangerous and reckless driving
  • Licence Appeals
  • Drug Offences- Possess, Supply, Cultivate and Import
  • Firearm Offences
  • Apprehended Violence Orders
  • All Assaults- Common Assault, Assault Occasioning Actual or Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Assault Police/ Resist Arrest
  • Affray
  • Riots
  • Stalk/ Intimidate and Harass
  • Centrelink and Tax Fraud
  • Wounding
  • Murder