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For Home Owners
Building a home or carrying out renovations can be a very exciting and fulfilling time in your life. But when things go wrong, that joy can turn into the biggest nightmare of your life, resulting for many in bankruptcy and financial ruin.
Don’t be bullied by builders or Insurance companies. Obtain our advice from the beginning for absolute peace of mind. We work closely with specialised counsel and expert witnesses, ensuring you receive the best representation at all times.

Contract Advice
You are spending an enormous amount of your savings, or borrowings from the bank. Yet most people don’t obtain basic advice before signing a contract with the builder, which is a complex legal document. For a relatively small fee, let us review the contract for you before you sign. With our advice, the likelihood of things going wrong in the future is drastically reduced.
The building is defective or not complete.
During or after construction, you may find that there are defects to your home, it wasn’t built as you expected it to be, or it is incomplete. You may be entitled to the Statutory Warranties under the Home Building Act 1989, or the benefit of Home Owner Warranty Insurance. You will need our advice. Call us immediately, DO NOT DELAY, STRICT LEGAL TIME LIMITS APPLY.

We can also assist you in retaining the appropriate Expert Reports.

Proceedings with the Department of Fair Trading or the Consumer Trader Tenancy Tribunal/ the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

We appear in this Tribunal more than any other lawyer on the Central Coast, whether in Gosford, Newcastle or Sydney. Again STRICT TIMELIMITS, TIME TABLES AND COMPLEX RULES apply. Call us and let us take on the stress for you.

Most residential building law disputes are heard in NCAT (formerly the CTTT), however, we will provide you with expert representation in any Tribunal or Court where your matter is to be heard, whether it be the Local Court, District Court or Supreme Court.

Home Owner Warranty Insurance Claims
Builders are required to take out Home Owner Warranty Insurance for you benefit. The Insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side. They know the loopholes and time limits. Don’t be under represented, don’t be bullied, call us and we will take them on for you.