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Panwar Legal is one of the most respected legal practices in NSW. We have over a 90% success rate in defended legal hearings.  Our Principal, Samar Singh-Panwar is an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and is recognised as one of the foremost Criminal Law and Building Law Solicitors in New South Wales. With Panwar Legal, you will receive the best legal representation on the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle. Don’t risk a bad outcome – call us today to speak to us about your matter.


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Our Principal, Samar Singh-Panwar and his team of experts have a vast array of experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best outcome in your matter.
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Samar Singh-Panwar
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Samar is the lawyer OTHER lawyers go to when they or their family are in trouble. He is easily the most respected criminal law lawyer on the Central Coast. The difference between other lawyers and Samar, is when he stands up, the judge listens. He is also a building law genius.

Sharon Healey
Criminal Law Specialist Solicitor
When I was in the Police Service, one of the things we would tell young police was: "If you see Singh-Panwar on the brief, dot your I's and cross your T's. If there is a loophole, he is the lawyer who will find it and jump through it with both feet.

Mark M
Retired Sergeant
Samar Singh-Panwar is by far the best solicitor on the Central Coast, if not NSW. His ability to persuade the court is unparalleled. He is well known as a fair but vigilant lawyer within media circles. He is ruthless when it comes to his clients. If I ever have a problem with the law, I just hope he is not on the other side.

Stephen Smith
2G0 Radio
As soon as he got up to argue my case I could see the judge was suddenly paying attention. It seemed the judge was ignoring everyone else except him. I know I did the wrong thing, but Samar explained my side and everyone in that room was agreeing.

Michael R
Samar is a brilliant solicitor who knows his stuff and has never let me down. His advice is not only professional but also reasonably priced. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Jay L
I would highly recommend Panwar legal to anyone who needed legal advice or representation. Samar's professionalism and thoroughness is unparalleled. Don't go to anyone else. Make your first stop Panwar Legal.

Sandie D


Samar is a Law Society Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and the only solicitor in the Central Coast to have completed and passed the NSW Bar (Barristers Exams).